Book Review: Landmarks


Book Description:

The well-worn rut that most of us live in is safe, comfortable . . . some would call it dead. By contrast, coming alive requires a willingness to journey into the unknown. Following Jesus is just such a path — one that takes us deep into His death and then lifts us up into His resurrection.

There are some risks involved, and there are no point A to point B maps. But there are landmarks, places we must pass along the way if we are to keep following Christ into real life.

Landmarks describes these breakthrough places of the heart and mind in the general order in which they tend to show up. Long-time teacher and first-time author Bill Delvaux shares his landmark story and takes read- ers through nine different spiritual markers that must be encountered in order to live the full life that Jesus has planned for us.

Some of the landmarks include letting go of idols, overcoming scars, walking away from sexual sin, grasping your identity, fighting your battle, bonding with Christ, and choosing God first.

So, if you feel stuck out there on the highway of humanity and need some tried and true spiritual direction, look for Landmarks.

“After leaving pastoral ministry, I took a job as a high school Bible teacher in a Christian school. I told everyone this would only be a one-year intermission, and then I would return to the ministry. But I soon came to realize that my quest lay there, that I was to take the truths of the Bible and find a way to connect them to the hearts of the students. It was the adventure laid out before me, one that would last for twenty years.


For those twenty years, I have also been on an inner quest, fighting through all that assaulted me in my early years that nearly took me down. Along the way I became aware of the landmarks written about here. And that has now opened up a new quest, to get the landmarks out to others. To do this, I have had to let go of my long-held role as a high school teacher. But a deeper joy beckons. I have never felt unsure about my future, and never more exhilarated,”  Delvaux explains.

My Review:

This book is a good review of the things we must overcome in our walk with Jesus.  There are many habits we must let go of and the author refers to  each of these as landmarks and devotes a chapter to each.  The book is a good study for Christians and we can ask ourselves if we have let go of habits involving each of  these areas.  The books was easy to understand and written in a way that most people can grasp and comprehend.  It was written in  concise manner.  As we examine our lives I think we need to look at each chapter individually and take time to explore the thoughts presented, so I would recommend reading the book at a slow pace.  The slow pace will help you to get the most benefit from reading the book.  It is certainly full of topics for discussion or self-exploration.  In enjoyed reading the book and I recommend it to Christians who are wanting to explore their journey with Christ.

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book from B & B Media Group.  I was not obligated to write a positive review.  The opinions in this review are my own.



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