Book Review: Murmur of the Lonely Brook


Book Description:

After marriage Nisha comes to a remote village near the mountainous Tibetan Border to lead a life among a nomadic clan who follow a simple lifestyle with customs and rituals dating back to ancient times. Pravin is happy to marry Nisha, the girl of his choice. Nisha loves her husband but also enjoys the infatuation from his brother. She spends her days happily with a perpetually sad mother-in-law Parvati repenting on her past life sins, a short tempered Shevak, a love-stricken sister-in-law Ria, a kid goat munching everything, a lamb with a baritone bleat and her husband s brother Diwakar lost in dreams.

Everything goes well until Nisha s life is torn apart by a proposal, and assumed betrayal, by the one and only love of her life, her husband Pravin when he suggests common marriage, an ancient tradition still followed in this region in which both brothers share a single wife, Nisha. The family is supportive save Nisha who is horrified by the thought of sharing her love with someone for whom she has a brotherly affection.

She cannot protest or disagree as it will make her an outcast and the family will throw her away. Her universe crumbles and she feels humiliated and tormented with the new turn of events. As ancient ways confront modern mores, Nisha will be torn between her values and age-old customs in this brilliantly observed novel of ancestral folkways and contemporary families.

Will Nisha compromise her values… or will she fight the age old traditions?

About the Author:

Debashis Dey gave up a high-powered career in Media to live among tribal nomads in the Himalayas.

Born in Calcutta, Debashis Dey worked for media and television in Mumbai for twenty years. After chasing the rat race through senior corporate positions, he realized he couldn t take another day. He sold his apartment and car, gave away his possessions, and moved to the Himalayas to live in a remote village populated by tribal nomads.

He has been writing poetry and short stories since his college days and also contributes to The American Chronicle. This is his first novel. Murmur of the Lonely Brook, reflects his immersion into an ancient culture that continues to follow age-old rituals, customs, and traditions. A major portion of the proceeds from this book will be used to build a health facility for the downtrodden women of the region.

My Review:

I really enjoyed reading this book.  It was packed with wonderful descriptions of the characters and the areas in which they lived and worked.  I felt as if I was there with the characters in their environment.  The plot gives you a glimpse into the lives of the characters and what people in their country must live every day.  I liked the author’s writing style and I would read future books if he continues to write novels.  If you like to read about different cultures from your own or even if you enjoy well written fiction, then I highly recommend this book to you.  I don’t believe you will regret it.

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book from the author, whom I would like to thank.  i was not obligated to write a positive review.  The opinions in this review are my own.


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