Book Review: Tales of Tomasewski


Book Description:

Tales of Tomasewski is terrifically entertaining. As brilliant veteran cop Jake Thompson outwits one twisted criminal after another, the plot cooks, the dialogue snaps, and the lean prose surprises with great bursts of humor, insight, and gritty poetry. (Jim Zervanos, author of, Love Park) 

Jake Thompson, aka Jan Tomasewski, is in cop purgatory—for doing the right thing. Jake has a nose for cases that punish him for doing what’s right. In fact, the hospital issued him a frequent-patient card with extra points—for habitually doing the right thing. A crayon box full of victims, villains, and friends vibrantly color the cases Jake encounters on Chicago’s gritty Southside and follows to the Caribbean, Hong Kong and beyond. (Joyce Faulkner, award winning author of, Username)

My Review:

The book is written from the perspective of the main character, who calls himself Jake Thompson, who is a cop from Chicago.  He comes across a little arrogant at times and has a typical “cop like” attitude, like the cops seen on television.  He tells some interesting stories about his adventures in fighting crime.  Each chapter is a different adventure and how he solves the issues that are brought before him. Most of his crime adventures end up in his hands because of someone that he knows rather that coming through the police department channels.  I thought it was an interesting, entertaining read.  Though I do like mystery and adventure type novels, this was not my typical read.  Despite that I did enjoy it and read through the stories fairly quickly.    I do prefer print editions and currently this book is only available in e-book/ kindle formats.

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book for review from the publicist, Litrides and Associates.  I was not obligated to write a positive review.  The opinions in this review are my own.


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