Book Review: 7 Years Younger


Release date: January 1, 2013

Book Description:


“Follow this plan – it works!” says Dr. Mehmet Oz, Professor and Vice-chair of Surgery, NYP-Columbia Medical Center, and Host of The Dr. Oz Show.

Look younger, stay slimmer, feel sexier…no matter what your age! This revolutionary plan to reverse the signs of aging kicks off with a 7-day Jumpstart plan offering all the tools you need to start your total rejuvenation. Then you’ll follow the 7-week, science-based program with a holistic approach to looking and feeling younger. Its 7 age erasers cover every base with special regimens for skin care, makeup, hair care, nutrition and diet, fitness, brain fitness, and emotional health. With this program you can “de-age” your skin, use makeup and hair smarts to get a youthful look, rehab your diet and exercise habits to lower your risk of age-related diseases and to lose weight, learn to sharpen your mind, and nurture your emotional health. You’ll be surprised at how much you can turn back the clock on your own-without stepping near a plastic surgeon’s office, or spending a fortune on expensive beauty products. 

The scientists at the Good Housekeeping Research Institute rigorously tested more than 400 beauty products and conducted more than 5,000 lab tests over the course of two years to find the anti-aging products that really work. Then ten test panelists went on the plan. The life-transforming results? One woman lost 12 pounds, another lost an amazing 10 inches from around her waist, and a third restored the glow and smoothness of her skin-improvements that were confirmed by scientific testing. Yet another tester emerged looking more glamorous than she’d looked since she first had kids. As one of the testers said“There are a lot of diet and exercise programs out there on the market. And there are a lot of beauty tips you can get, but ‘7 Years Younger’ has taken all of those things and put them into a one stop shopping experience for your overall beauty and health and mindset.” 

“What’s great about the program,” says Good Housekeeping editor in chief Rosemary Ellis, “is that you can treat it like a tool kit. You can pick and choose which elements of the program you want to focus on.”

My Review:
First of all, I want to be clear about my review.  It is not my job or role here to evaluate the effectiveness of this program or any information in the book.  I am not here to tell you how well it does or does not work.  It is my job as a book reviewer to evaluate the style of this book and how it is written.  With that being said,  I think the book does a wonderful job of being explanatory about the program, including giving you information on how the program was tested.  It includes many charts with the most effective products as well as ask the experts sections with information from the experts and doctors that were involved in developing the program.  It is full of meal ideas and recipes for dietary changes, along with suggestions for hair, skin and makeup application.
The book includes youth booster sections within each chapter.  As suggested by the Good Housekeeping Editor, if you choose, you can”pick and choose which elements of the program you want to focus on.”    If you are interested in pursuing an anti-aging program then this book would give you one of many options.  Perhaps you can read further reviews from Amazon that may give you more specific information on the program itself.
I was provided a complimentary copy of this book for review from the publicist.  I was not obligated to write a positive review.  The opinions in this review are my own.

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