Book Review: Questions of Life


Book Description:

What is the point of life? What happens when we die? Is forgiveness possible? More than 16 million people around the world have now attended Alpha, the Christian introductory course pioneered by Nicky Gumbel. In this international bestseller based on the Alpha Course, Nicky Gumbel addresses some of the big issues that challenge us all. Packed with humour, anecdotes, wisdom and profound teaching from the Bible, Gumbel introduces the person of Jesus Christ and invites the reader into a world of discovery that has fascinated human beings for two thousand years.

About the Author:

Nicky Gumbel is the pioneer of the Alpha course.  He studied law at Cambridge and theology in Oxford, practiced as a lawyer, and is now senior pastor of Holy Trinity Brompton church in London, one of England’s fastest growing churches.  He has written a number of books including, Questions of Life, Searching Issues, and A Life Worth Living.

My Review:

The Alpha course is a Christian introductory course that was written by the author.  This book is based upon that course and covers many basic topics for a new Christian., such as who is Jesus ?, who is the Holy Spirit?, and How do I Pray?, as well as many more.  This would be a great text for new Christians as well as older Christians who wants to further study their faith. It is written for any Christian faith and is strongly based upon scripture.  It happens to be a rewrite of a previous book by the same author.  I highly recommend this book if you want to do some Christian study or if you are new to the Christian faith.

I was provided a complimentary book for review by B & B Media.  I was not obligated to write a positive review.  The opinions in this review are my own.


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